About Sonata

SONATA project is an EU-funded project Horizon 2020 and part of the 5G-PPP initiative. This innovative project has a 30 month workplan that started in July 2015. It is a highly collaborative effort with 15 partners representing the telecom operators, manufacturers, system integrators, service providers, SME developers and research and academic institutes.

SONATA is developing a NFV framework that provides a programming model and development toolchain for virtualized services, fully integrated with a DevOps-enabled service platform and orchestration system. SONATA initial results include:

  • SONATA's Network Service SDK: Facilitates network service development for third-party developers
  • SONATA's Service platform: Thanks to the modular design of its MANO framework, the platform offers high customization opportunities for both, Communication Service Providers and Service Developers.
  • SONATA NFV DevOps Workflow: The SONATA system is designed for agile development and operation of network services. It enables a DevOps workflow between the SDK tools and the service platform, which allows developers and operators to closely collaborate.

The project results will be release through its 30 month workplan. SONATA first prototype was delivered at the end of the first year of the project, in June 2016. A qualified version will be delivered early in 2017. The final release of the SONATA platform will be public in the summer of 2017.

The project is committed to maintain a publicly available source code repository through the entire development process. SONATA outcomes are published in a public GitHub repository under Apache v2.0 license, a permissive license that guarantees full rights for adoption, modification and distribution.