D2.3. Updated Requirements and Architecture Design

This document presents the revised and updated overall architecture of the SONATA system as well as new and updated use-cases and requirements. It is based on the previous deliverables D2.1and D2.2 and allows for the lessons learned during the implementation phases of work packages WP3, WP4, and WP5. To this end, it describes the current state of the SONATA SDK and
Service Platform as well as future work items for WP3 and WP4. We highlight, however, that this deliverables strongly focuses on the updates, changes, and novelties compared to D2.1 and D2.2. Thus, we expect the reader to be familiar with these deliverables as well.

The overall contributions of D2.3 can be summarized as follows:

  • Revision and zooming in the use-cases of SONATA in order to highlight the use-cases that will be most likely be implemented as pilots.ˆ
  • Revision and prioritisation of requirements for the revised use-cases.
  • ˆRevision of the descriptors, packages, and catalogues based on our learnings with respect to the rst prototype in order to strengthen the CI/CD and DevOps approach for NFV.
  • ˆRevision and update of the SDK architecture.
  • ˆIntroduction of novel service validation and proling tools.
  • ˆRevision of the Service Platform architecture.ˆ
  • Introduction of an enhanced Service Platform management.
  • ˆIntroduction of container support for NFV in the Service Platform.ˆ
  • Discussion and revision of the security aspects of the SONATA platform.ˆ
  • Integration of slicing in the SONATA platform.ˆ
  • Elaboration on the relationship between the SONATA architecture and the ETSI reference architecture.