D4.3. Service Platform First Operational Release and Documentation

This deliverable is the last one to be produced in SONATA's Work Package 4, documenting the work done in the Service Platform since D4.2 was published (December, 2016).

During this period, we have concentrated our efforts in making the SONATA Service Platform a carrier-grade solution, capable of providing platform owners (not necessarily Telecom Providers) an adequate support for the extremely demanding scenarios of the 5G landscape. Besides new or improved features, we have also introduced adequate configuration mechanisms that allow for a smoother adoption of a SONATA Service Platform into an existing infrastructure. We believe that our micro-services based design and implementation puts this platform in the front-line of flexible solutions, where the adoption of any monolithic product will prove to be too costly in engineering services.

Supporting the ability to securely give back to the developer, in near real time, monitoring data on his/her function is another feature that is a critical differentiator of our platform in the market. There are small glitches that can only occur in production, no matter how many hours of tests are made to new or existing features. And only with such approach we can allow developers to close the cycle between idea, implementation and deployment. And we even collect (internal) key performance indicators to demonstrate that.

By using a DevOps approach to build the platform itself, we keep its code and architecture really flexible and ready to be evolved. We are therefore certain that the SONATA Service Platform can be a sound bet from those wanting to keep the pace of evolution towards 5G, without having to throw away years and years (and Euros!) of development and operations history, tools, processes, etc.