D6.3. Final demonstration, roadmap and validation results

The SONATA project has followed the DevOps methodology to develop various components, which we have integrated and tested in several Pilots.
This document first summarises SONATA's DevOps environments for development, integration, qualification and demonstration. It then summarises the various elements we have developed: the tools in our SDK (Service Development Kit) and the modules of our Service Platform. These provide basic functionality such as the on-boarding, deployment and instantiation of services.

The main part of the document discusses our four Pilots: (1) Virtual Content Delivery Network; (2) Personalised Security; (3) Multi-orchestrator and slicing; and (4) Hierarchical Service Providers. For each Pilot we discuss the architecture, scenario, components involved (including the novel capabilities it adds to the basic SONATA functionality), validation and innovations. All pilots provide novel capabilities that go beyond the basic functionality of SONATA platform that include on-boarding, deployment, and instantiation of services. vCDN pilot innovations are mainly related to the virtual CDN service deployment optimisation
and service resource management during runtime. PSA pilot innovations are mainly related to additional security-related services, specifically anonymity and safe browsing. HSP pilot innovations are mainly related to the multi MANO interworking, SP recursiveness of the service on-boarding and abstraction layer and slice management. The Pilots thus validate and demonstrate the features and innovations of the SONATA project.

The document also summarises the overall lessons learned during the project.