SONATA and the Berlin 5G Week

The Berlin 5G week will take place from the 6th to the 10th of November 2017. This year edition is joining three of the most solid events related to software-based networks and 5G technologies: 3rd IEEE NFV-SDN Conference, Industrial IoT Forum and the 8th FOKUS FUSECO FORUM.

The globally most discussed 5G hot topics, such as software-defined networks, network virtualization, network slicing for 5G verticals, Industrial Internet/IoT, 5G multi-access network support, and 5G testbeds and most recent technology PoCs, will be touched there.

SONATA project and its partner members will have an active participation there, in both the 3rd IEEE NFV-SDN Conference and the 8th FOKUS FUSECO FORUM:

The 3rd IEEE NFV-SDN Conference

  1. Co-organisation of the workshop "Fourth Workshop on Network Function Virtualization and Programmable Networks”.
  2. Endorsement of the “Third IEEE International Workshop on Orchestration for Software Defined Infrastructures" workshop.
  3. Presentation of the Demo Paper "A Network Service Development Kit Supporting the End-to-End Lifecycle of NFV-based Telecom Services"
  4. Presentation of the Paper “Profile Your Chains, Not Functions: Automated Network Service Profiling in DevOps Environments”.


  1. Presentation on “Making DevOps Possible in Telco Networks.
  2. Session and panel on "Operator 5G Use Case Visions and Global 5G Standardization".

For more information about these activities, the program, the presenters, when and where they will take place, etc..., please have a look at the file bellow.

We see you there!