SONATA will be at the SDN NFV World Congress presenting SONATA 3.0.

SDN NFV World Congress 2017 logo

Last year, SONATA was at the SDN NFV World Congress with a workshop session to announce SONATA 1.0, the first software release of the project. This year, we will be there again but this time with SONATA 3.0, the latest software release of the project delivered last week.

This year, we are giving two presentations on the 12th of October:

SONATA approach towards DevOps in 5G Networks
Josep Martrat | Project Co-ordinator | SONATA
Telecom Market Manager | ATOS
SONATA NS development and deployment workflows
Georgios Xylouris | Research Fellow | NCSR Demokritos

In addition, one of our partners members, British Telecom, will make a presentation on Virtual CDN Implementation, by Eugene Otoakhia | Researcher | BT. This presentation will also include some notions about SONATA and the pilots being developed.

Check out the agenda at the link bellow. More information coming soon!