Who will make use of the SDK (Network Service Software Development Kit) as a set of tools to create and locally test VNF (Virtual Network Functions) or more complete NS (Network Services). 

  • The SDK facilitates the development of complex network services and simplifies the creation of NFV/NS to developers. As a consequence, the entry barrier of developers to the Telecommunications industry is reduced, and it is opened to new players and even SMEs specialized in software development. Therefore, this developer could be a developer in the operator, in a vertical industry or an external independent developer.
  • This is the first ready-to-use end-to-end SDK that included development and testing services, making these activities faster and easier and reducing action times.
  • That also provides to developers with full end-to-end support for development and local testing and deployment of NFV services. The SDK include advanced tools in order to test the services developed in local environments. This provides a higher quality of service, reduces probability of errors in real environments, enables quick take-off of developed services…

Value proposition

Features Value Proposition
Full end-to-end support for development, testing and deployment of NFV services
  • Single-line deployment reduces development time
Allows rapid generation of error-free descriptors for Network Services and Functions
  • Fast iteration for writing network service descriptors due to error-free generation and validation
Supports extensible and customisable validation rules for descriptors
  • Fast iteration for writing network service descriptors due to error-free generation and validation
  • Smart validation functionality with semantic checks included
User-friendly Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) of the editor and validation tools
  • No prior knowledge is needed to build services and low learning curve
  • Very interactive, responsive and integrated GUI experience rather than only visualization
Able to generate multiple, standard aligned, interoperable package formats and tooling for one-touch, multi-platform onboarding
  • No MANO lock-in due to support of multiple package formats
  • The only future-proof multi package platform available
Automated performance benchmarking tools for recording service performance under a variety of resource configurations
  • Reduced time required to collect performance data of services
  • Increasing the performance knowledge of NFV services
  • Reproducibility of performance data
Advanced performance analysis tools for detecting patterns in performance and resource usage, as well as potential performance bottlenecks
  • Deep understanding of performance correlations between service components, as well as between performance and resource behaviour
  • Better optimization of service performance
  • Better performing services
Deep integration and seamless handover of developed functional and other tests between the SDK and V&V
  • Reduces test development effort for developer, integrators and service evaluators
  • Increases the reliability of service components
Supports developers in managing state of their VFFs and NSs
  • Improved service resiliency and failover mechanism due to state migration support
Provides a local test environment
  • Ability to develop carrier-grade services on your laptop, anywhere, enabling quick take-off of developed services
Advanced infrastructure emulation platform
  • Save infrastructure cost by enabling local testing
  • Validate placement impact without multiple Data Centres